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Roseanna Chetwood


Live painting demo: How the tiger turned out

Well yesterday I spent my day painting a tiger live! But not to worry, no tigers were harmed. Instead I had a splendid time painting in the High Wycombe Craft Coop shop (

My palette knife is loaded with paint and ready to get into action on my tiger painting. I used a bright green under-painting as this would act as the perfect contrast to the oranges, purples and reds I anticipated using.

Action shots courtesy of Katie Sarah ( the talented card maker at the Craft Coop who kept the shop running while I gleefully dabbed away. The bucket sized vanilla latte and lunch was kindly provided by my parents, with Mum not quite sure a bucket full would be quite enough for me! However, it fueled me nicely through the day and I certainly needed it... I am used to sitting down while painting (and during most other parts of my life) so painting standing up certainly did feel like a work out. Something I should do more often perhaps.

Gill ( was the painting agent I need in my life during the second part of the day as she took care of the shop in the afternoon. Progress was made and the tiger came together well. The final piece I was left with at 4pm is almost done, just the background to go. I always struggle to know which colour to pick for my backgrounds, all the other colours in the painting come to me so intuitively by comparison!

I will update you all with the background finished once I've decided on the colour. But this is what I came away with at the end of the day. Thank you to everyone who showed up and said encouraging words. Special mention to Keith, Mum, Dad, Scott, Meg, Gill and Katie. I was really grateful for the support and company as always.


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