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Roseanna Chetwood



I have a fond memory of two ladies visiting an art event I took part in last year. An attentive daughter was helping her mother navigate the exhibition, describing the artwork in front of them. The mother, who was blind, had a broad smile on her face as she listened intently to her daughter’s descriptions. When they came upon my artwork I encouraged them both to touch my paintings. The thick paint surface of my paintings are very tactile, they invite you in to run your fingers over the smooth gestural marks. On closer inspection you can follow the peaks and valleys of an impasto land of paint, where colours clash and thick paint sweeps across the canvas. Every raw mark left with the imprint of the palette knife which made it.

This is one of my most favourite memories I've collected in my art travels so far. It felt like a good place to start my blog, afterall connection is such a fundamental aspect of art. It was truly heartwarming to witness my artwork being enjoyed in such a tender and unexpected way.


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